BPO Full form and FAQs

BPO Full form: Business process outsourcing.

Q: Who can Join BPO?

A: Anybody with good communication skills, willing to succeed, minimum intermediate (10+2) level education, willing to work in night shifts can join BPO industry. Candidate should not be pursuing full time studies, correspondence is fine.

Not every company hires intermediates (10+2). Few have special requirements which are project specific. Generally graduates in any stream can join BPO.

Q: Is it safe for girls to work in BPO?

A: BPOs take good care of their female employees. Security is a main concern for girls working in night shifts. BPO companies take care of this concern by providing security guards who escort female employees if their pick or drop is during night. Its very safe for girls to work in BPOs. However like any other industry girls have to be cautious.

Q: What is the age limit to join BPO?

A: Generally BPOs hire candidates between 18-40 years of age

Q: Can I move to IT job after joining BPO?

A: Yes, infact most of the good companies offer opportunities to their employees to move to IT after fulfilling certain criteria.

Q: Should I join a KPO or a call center?

A: Both require different skillsets. If you have expertise or knowledge in a specialized domain like finance, insurance, science, market research etc then you can join a KPO.

If you don’t have these expertise but are good in communication skills then call center is a better option.

Q: Can post graduates join BPO industry?

A: Yes, post graduates can join BPO jobs in projects which don’t stop PG to apply.

Q: I have a bad accent, can I join BPO?

A: Candidates with very strong accent or mother tongue influence but good written English can join back office or non voice projects which require answering emails and chats.

Q: Can I work part time in a BPO?

A: Yes, BPO companies offer part time jobs. You may need to check the criteria while appearing for an interview.

Q: Will I travel abroad while working for a BPO?

A: Certain BPO projects require employees to travel abroad for training or work.

Q: What is the full form of ITES?

A: Information Technology enables services

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